Understanding Insurance Cards and Requirements

What should an insurance card have on it?

The insurance card shall have the insurance company's 5 Digit NAIC code listed, state that the insurance is Commonwealth of Kentucky Proof of Insurance, that the insurance is personal (PL) or commercial (CL), the correct VIN listed on the card and have an effective date no greater than 45 days from the day our office performs the vehicle transaction. If the vehicle is listed on a commercial policy, the 45 day rule does not apply and the card presented must be current and not expired (other requirements listed do still apply)


What does "no greater than 45 days" mean?

Between the first and fifteenth of every month, insurance companies submit a Monthly Full Book of Business electronically to the Transportation Cabinet in Frankfort. This lists all of the VINs for vehicles that are insured with the company. There is a 45 day window that would explain why a VIN was not listed in the Monthly Full Book of Business, so the customer's card should have an effective date within that range. If the effective date is greater than 45 days, the insurance company should have submitted the VIN within their Full Book of Business to the Transportation Cabinet.

Example: Customer comes in to renew their registration and license plate on April 18th. Insurance is not verified in the system, which means between the first and the fifteeth of that month their VIN was not reported in the insurance company's Monthly Full Book of Business. The customer presents a card with an effective date February 24th. We cannot accept the insurance card because the date is more than 45 days from April 18th. If the customer had presented a card with an effective date no greater than March 4th we would be able to accept it.

If the effective date is greater than 45 days, what other documentation is acceptable?

  • If there is an update, change or modified date on the card that is within the 45 days we can accept the card.
  • A "no lapse in coverage" letter or statement from insurance agent/company

What are all of the types of acceptable proofs of insurance?

  • Declaration Page
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Binders
  • Certificates of Liability
  • Insurance Documentation stating policy number, effective date, VIN

If the vehicle is registered in Kentucky, can the insurance be from a different state?

No. If the vehicle is registered in Kentucky, the insurance must be from Kentucky. The only exception is military or federal employees that are stationed like military. Please see our military section for this information.